Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
University of Calicut
Kerala - 673635, India
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  • Ph.D Mathematics ( Bharathiar University, 2008-2012)
  • M.Phil Mathematics ( Bharathiar University, 2006-2007)
  • M.Sc Mathematics ( Calicut University, 2002-2004) 
Research Area:
Operator Theory, Functional Analysis
Research Experience:
Institute Post Doctoral fellow, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research- Trivandrum,India, August 2015 to November 2017.
Post Doctoral fellow, The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India, September 2013 to August 2015.
Teaching Experience:
Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Calicut,Kerala, India. February-2021 -till date
Assistant Professor (on contract), Cochin University of Science and Technology, Cochin, India, December 2017-December 2020.
Assistant Professor, Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology, Palakkad, Kerala India, June2012 to August 2013.
Research Grants:
  • Mathematical Research Impact Centric Suport (MATRICS) by DST-SERB - 2022-2025
  • Seed Money Minor Research project by University of Calicut (2021-2023)
Selected Publications:
 • T. Prasad, E. Shine Lal and P. Ramya, Asymmetric Fuglede - Putnam theorem for unbounded M - hyponormal operators, Advances in Operator Theory, 2022
•  T. Prasad, Simi Thomas and Shery Fernandez , Stability of property (UWE) under compactperturbations , Rend. Circ. Mat. Palermo Series 2 (to appear)
  • M.H.M. Rashid , P. P Noushida, V. Anil kumar and T. Prasad, Orthogonal cone metric spaces with banach algebras and fixed point theorems of generalized lipschitz mappings, Jordan J Math and Statistics, (to appear)
• P.Ramya, T.Prasad, E. Shine Lal and P. Ramya, On (m,k) class Q and (m,k) class Q* operators Palestene J Math, (to appear)
 M. Cho, T.Prasad, K. Tanahashi,M. H.M.  Rashid, and A. Uchiyama, Spectrum is continuous for class pwA(s,t) operators, Filomat,36(8)(2022).
S. Mecheri and T. Prasad, Analytic extension of totally polynomially posinormal operators, Math.Report, 23,(2021),359-372
S. Mecheri and T. Prasad, Fuglede-Putnam type theorem for extension of M-hyponormal operators, Ukr. Math. J, 2022.
M.H.M Rashid and T. Prasad, Weyl type theorems for algebraically class p-wA(s,t) operators, Facta Universitatis, Series:Mathematics and Informatics, 36, (2021), 575 - 584 
T. Prasad, class pwA(s,t) operators and invariant subspaces, Acta Sci. Math. (Szeged), 86:3-4(2020), 671-679
T. Prasad, Spectral properties of some extensions of isometric operators, Annals of Functional Analysis, 11, (2020), 626-633.
T. Prasad, Classp-wA(s,t) composition operators, Asian-Europian J. Math, 13,(2020) 2050086 (10pages).
S. Mecheri and T. Prasad, Classess of operators related to isometries, Advances in Operator Theory, (2020), 382-392.
T. Prasad,Coposinormal composition operators on H2, J. Math. Ext 16, No. 2, (2022) (5)1-10
S. Mecheri and T. Prasad, Triangular-n-isometric operators, Linear and Multilinear Algebra, 67(2019), 1132-1145.
M. Cho, T. Prasad, M.H.M Rashid, K. Tanahashi and A. Uchiyama, Fuglede-Putnam theorem and quasisimilarity of class p-wA(s,t) operators,Operator and Matrices, 13( 1) (2019), 293-299.
A. Bachir and T. Prasad, Fuglede-Putnam theorem for (α,β) normal operators, Rend. Circ. Mat.Palermo. 69, (2020),1243-1249.
M. Cho, J.E. Lee, T. Prasad and K. Tanahashi, Complex isosymmetric operators, Adv. Oper.Theory, 3 (2018), no. 3, 620-631.
M.H.M Rashid, M. Cho, T. Prasad, K. Tanahashi and A. Uchiyama, Weyls theorem and Putnam’sinequality for p-wA(s,t) operators, Acta Sci. Math. (Szeged)84 (2018), 573-589.
T. Prasad, M. Cho, M.H.M Rashid, K. Tanahashi and A. Uchiyama, classp-wA(s,t) operators and range kernel orthogonality, Scientiae Mathematicae Japonicae82, No.1 ( 2019), 45-55.
M.H.M Rashid and T.Prasad, Stability of Versions of Weyl type theorems under tensor product, Ukr. Math. J 68(4)(2016) 612-624.
M.H.M Rashid and T.Prasad, Property (Bgw) and Perturbations, An. Stiint. Univ. Al. I. CuzaIasi. Mat. (N.S.)DOI: 10.2478/aicu-2014-0049
S.Mecheri and T.Prasad, On n-quasi-m-isometric operators, Asian-Eur. J. Math9(4), (2016), 8Pages.
M.H.M Rashid and T. Prasad, Weyl type theorems for algebraically class HNP operators. Ann.Funct. Anal, 6(3) (2015), 262-273.
M.H.M Rashid and T. Prasad, Property (Sw) for bounded linear operators, Asian-Eur. J. Math,08(1) (2015).
M.H.M Rashid and T.Prasad, The stability of property(gw) under compact perturbation, Acta Mathematica Vietnamica, 39 (2014), 325-336.
M.H.M Rashid and T.Prasad, Variations of Weyl type theorems, Ann. Funct. Anal, 4(1) (2013),40-52.
M.H.M Rashid and T.Prasad, Property (Bb) and Tensor Product, Filomat, 27(7)(2013), 1297-1303.
D.Senthilkumar, P. Chandrakala and T.Prasad, Tensor Product Operators Induce Dynamical System on Weighted Locally Convex Space, Jordan Journal of Math and Stat (JJMS), 6 (2013) 169-181.
D.Senthilkumar and T.Prasad, Riesz Projections and Weyl's theorem for hereditarily absolute(p,r)paranormal operators, Bull. Math. Anal. Appl, 2 (2010) 100-108.
K.Tanahashi, T. Prasad and A. Uchiyama, Quasinormality and subscalarity of class pwA(s,t) operators, Funct. Anal. Approx. Comput, 9(1),(2017),61-68.
T. Prasad and K.Tanahashi, On classp-wA(s,t) operators, Funct. Anal. Approx. Comput, 6(2)(2014), 39-42.
Currently Teaching
Real Analysis, Functional Analysis
Courses Taught
MSc courses:.Functional Analysis, Complex Analysis, Differential Geometry, Algebraic structures, Real Analysis, Topics in Applied Mathematics, ProbabilityTheory, Ordinary Differential Equations, Spectral theory, Functions of several variables.

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