Completed PhDs

Sl No. Name of the Scholar Name of the guide   Topic
1 Sujatha N.K. Dr. K. Partha Sarathy 31.10.1989 Some Problems in Homogenic Analysis
2 Padmanabhan A. Dr. V. Krishnakumar 03.03.1990 On the Deficiency index problem for odd order Symmetric differential operators
3 Sudheer K. Dr. M.S. Balasubramani 24.09.1993 On operator Algebras Studies relative to groups of Automorphisms
4 Raveendran Kunnath Thekke Veed Dr. M.S. Balasubramani 13.09.1996 On the Study of Dimension Function of Von Neuman Algebras relative to groups of Automorphism
5 Rajendran Valiya Veettil Dr. R. Sivaramakrishnan 04.09.1997 A Study of normed Division Domains and their analogues with applacations to number theory
6 Raji Pilakkat Dr. M.S. Balasubramani 23.01.2001 On the Study of P Spectral sets and Generalised Spectral sets
7 Joymon Joseph P. Dr. P.T. Ramachandran 15.05.2004 Neighbours in the lattice of topologies
8 Alice K.V. Dr. V. Krishnakumar 09.06.2004 On the limit classifications of singular symmetric differential expressions
9 Sivaramakrishnan M.P. Dr. M.S. Balasubramani 08.11.2004 On the study of error correcting quantum codes and generalised entropic uncertainty relations
10 Fazeela K Dr. K.S.Subramanian 25.10.2008 Momentum maps of symmjetric manifolds
11 Siji Mathew Dr. M.S. Balasubramani 02.12.2008 On the study of some problems in spectral sets, diagonal transformations and........... transformations
12 Baby Chacko Dr. P.T. Ramachandran 03.03.2009 Some lattice Theoretic problems related to general and fuzzy topology
13 Gangadharan N. Dr. M.S. Balasubramani 17.07.2010 A study on charactorization of best approximations in normed spaces in terms of semi inner products
14 Biju Mon Dr. M.S. Balasubramani 17.07.2010 On the study of frame multi resolution analysis in the superspaces L2 (R)n
15 Harish V.K. Dr. M.S. Balasubramani 03.12.2012 A study on shift invariants subspaces of L2 (R)n under shift metric
16 Madhavan Namboothiri Dr. P.T. Ramachandran 18.01.2013 Some problems relating order and fuzzy topologies
17 Baby Girija Dr. Raji Pilakkat 03.07.2013 On the study of Digraphs and topologies
18 Preethi Kuttipulackal Dr. Raji Pilakkat 09.09.2013 Mixed Tree Domination in graphs
19 Sivadasan Thirumangalath Dr. Raji Pilakkat 25.11.2013 A study on Linear Z- Normed Space
20 Sheeba M.B. Dr. Raji Pilakkat 22.03.2014 Strength of fuzzy graphs
21 Kunheenkutty M Dr. P.T. Ramachandran 12.05.2014 Some problems on local properties of the lattice of topologies
22 Sreeja M. Dr. P.T. Ramachandran 29.12.2014 Some problem related to homogeneity in topological spaces
23 Vinodkumar P. Dr. M.S. Balasubramani 06.12.2014 A study of operator space structures on Banech Spaces
24 Santhosh.P.K Dr. P.T. Ramachandran 25.01.2016 Some problems on C-Spaces
25 Seena V Dr. Raji Pilakkat 07.07.2017 Seperation Axioms inb graphs and hypergraphs
26 Dhanya P M Dr. P.T. Ramachandran 17.08.2017 Some problems on generalized topologies and fuzzy generalized topologies
27 Sini P Dr. P.T. Ramachandran 31.08.2017 Studies on the ground of homeomorphism and the group of L-fuzzy Homeomorphism
28 Kavitha T. Dr. P.T. Ramachandran 20.07.2018 Some Problems on Cech closure
29 Shyama M.P. Dr. Anil Kumar V. 26.09.2018 A study on some graph polynomial and its stability
30 Vandana P.T. Dr. Anil Kumar V. 05.11.2018 A Study on V4- Magic and baryocentric ring magic graph
31 Latheeshkumar A.R. Dr. Anil Kumar V. 28.12.2018 Total domination Polynomials a new approach
32 Jisna P Dr. Raji Pilakkat 16.03.2019 Measurable dominating functions
33 Chithra K.P. Dr. Raji Pilakkat 30.07.2019 A study on strength of strong fuzzy graphs and extra strong K- path domination in strong fuzzy graphs
34 Shikhi M Dr. Anil Kumar V. 25.05.2020 A study on common neighbour polynomials of graphs
35 Vineesh K.P. Dr. Anil Kumar V. 27.05.2020 Neighbourhood and star V4 magic labelling of graphs
36 Jalsiya M.P. Dr. Raji Pilakkat 28.05.2020 Cycle tracking set of a graph
37 Libeeshkumar K.B. Dr. Anil Kumar V. 12.04.2021 Induced and Edge Induced V4-Magic Labeling of Graphs
38 Nandakumar M. Dr. K.S.Subramanian 24.04.2021 Rough Lioville and Lioville Equivalence of Non-Degenerate Integrable Hamiltonian Systems With Two Degrees of Freedom
39 Annie Sabitha Paul Dr. Raji Pilakkat 21.10.2021 A study on cycles in graphs

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