The department library started functioning with the inception of the Department of Mathematics. The library maintains and develops research-level collections and services to support the teaching, research, and learning needs of the department. The assistance provided by the UGC, the State government and the National Board for Higher Mathematics have helped us in the development of the library. Today, the mathematics department library at University of Calicut is one of the largest mathematics library in the state of Kerala. The collection covers all areas of pure and applied mathematics, including algebra, analysis, geometry, number theory, numerical analysis, probability, topology and mathematical logic. It includes over 8,000 volumes, hundreds of ebooks, and a good number of electronic journal titles in the mathematical sciences.

The library is fully automated using open source library management software Koha. With an air conditioned and well lighted reading area library provides comfortable learning environment to its users. We are providing library services to mathematics students, researchers and teachers of our university along with reference facility to the larger academic community of Malabar region of Kerala.


Books : 8358
Journal Bound Volumes : 1350
Phd Theses : 35
MPhil dissertations : 53

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Library will be open from 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM on all working days. There will be lunch break from 1.15 PM to 2.00 PM.


Phone : 0494 2407429
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